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Shiloh-Goshen School Report: The Need for Paper etc.

Greetings from Shiloh-Goshen Foundation Ghana,

This is an official report detailing our current school need crisis. If you are reading this then we are soliciting your help for a pervading need that occupies most of the time we had allotted to the pursuit of greater natural resource sustainability.

This message is to make you aware that time is running out. We need school supplies before the September semester. We need to alert school sponsors with enough time to collect the needed sums.

Our main deficits are detailed below:

The campus: Water resource

We cannot stress the depravity of our water source. This has been a cause of accidental death for some students. Others are experiencing a serious health and safety hazard if the problems with the sole pool source of drinking water are not quickly remedied. The problem is that our Foundation is currently operating out of start-up funds and out-of-pocket donations. The water filtration system approved by our local government will cost over 5,000 dollars.

We are reiterating this from a previous report. For further detail, please read here:

The campus: Hygiene 

Another main concern we have for our students is hygienic in nature.We chose to include this section here because our hygienic deficits are primarily associated with the atrocious state of our water source. Because our water is severely polluted we worry a great deal for our children and their dermatological, periodontal and general health. We intend to detail this basic need in a further report available within the week.

We leave this section with this note. Our girls are especially affected by the hygiene deficits for reasons to do with their feminine care needs. We will be reporting frequently on this topic as the water crisis circulates this problem throughout our entire community.

School supplies

We have prepared this report primarily to address this need. We are gravely in need of school supplies.

What we ask is simple. We are considering candidates to donate these school supplies. You can drive your local business sales in a big way.

Here’s our proposition:

1.Donate crayons, pencils, or notebooks

2. Mail it to the address we include upon your official inquiry

3. See your name featured on a special thank you post from our foundation.

We gravely appreciate your support of our organization. Your presence in our lives profoundly impacts the kids of Africa’s schools. We bless you for your support and will continue to pray for you.