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Teaching Boys to Fish: Skill Programs

My father has an expression that “If you fish for a boy you’ll feed him for one day. But if you teach a boy to fish, you will feed him for his life.” The world is suffering a great deficit of fathers who believe such principles now.

Who will now step up to the role the fathers have left vacant? Who will mentor the boys and teach them to “fish” for themselves?

In Ghana, children are drawn to the capital city of Accra on rumors that they can have a better life there. Many of them are unaware of how difficult life on the streets will actually be. They result to hawking small convenience items.

In such an economy as the Ghanaian state has, how can these children be taught skills and development that will carry them from the funded orphanages into the world of a sustainable adulthood? What sort of workshops help people displaced by natural disasters find their way back toward having a healthy life as well as their independence?

How can you help in this instance, where you stand, with whatever resources you’ve got?

The answer to the last question stated above is simple: Transfer your resources, be they material or immaterial, to the use of those who are on the ground in such situations.

Shiloh Foundation Ghana seeks to fund and establish betterment programs of the Ghanaian children as well as children in poverty everywhere.

A great many adults are also benefited by the Shiloh Foundation’s efforts to ease the human suffering in the Accra flood aftermath, in Africa, and in the world beyond the continent. For every displaced child, there is a surviving adult bereft of spouses and other relations who may have carried the brunt of the financial burden initially. As such, there will need to be opportunities for displaced youth, working mothers, disabled fathers and the surviving elderly alike.

Your donations help to make this possible.

Shiloh- is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Over and above helping to fund other organizations like themselves, they also host seminars and activity days of their own to educate/empower as well as enhance sanitation and provide insurance opportunities. You can learn more about their programs and services donation pages here:

Below is a basic summary of the services provided.

Child protective services for those displaced by death or desertion, or otherwise made vulnerable. The organization of communal labor programs as an alternative to those provided by the government and U.S. embassy.

Programs to support community improvement. Campaigns for environmental cleanliness. Social events to recruit the target demographics for support registration. The organization of mobile clinics and health screens for people wedged into the difficult terrain of crowded slums or other such difficult access places.

Educational programs focus on water conservation and sanitation. The arrangement of affiliation with like organizations for establishing subsidies and dissolving heavy marginalization of communities where abject poverty and unemployment are high.

Referral to government insurance programs. Providing subsidized housing.

Currently, the Shiloh Foundation is hosting several donation campaigns. Now through the 22nd of August the main landing page is hosting a campaign to raise roughly 10k dollars to support all the above. Learn more here.

Would you be one of the ones to teach boys to fish? You can provide more value than just your money and even the time it took you to read this post. By sharing this article throughout social media, you can help us make the foundation viral. Together we can leave an indelible mark upon the African continent.

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